Our soulmix  are events ready to enjoy, like "Soul & body detox",  "Wine and food tasting with the soulguides",  "Milano fashion Week, discovering the new designers" and  "Georgia, ancient lands".

These proposal (below the details) can be bespoken with more options chosen by you. 


Date with fashion

Milano 19-25 ottobre

Looking around in the world capital of fashion and style, discovering new designers and breathing in elegance. All while you pamper yourself with make up and clothes try on,  wellbeing treatments, food and wine tasting, art visits and more.

And during Milano Fashion Week you have the chance of making your stay more special, participating in exclusive events and attending catwalks. 



Wine and food tasting  with soul guides.


Langhe, Monferrato & Roero, Piemonte, Italy.

Discover the soul of food and wine listening to special speakers.  

Create a calm oasis among a hectic life, where to discover taste as first criterion to nourish yourself.

Training your five senses with meditation and concentration techniques we learn how to taste food and wine with a new awareness. 

All these cultural technical and meditation paths result in unexpected and emotional experience.

You can match food &wine meditation with all our proposals.



Santa Margherita Ligure, Ponza, Alps

Walk in the nature, breath, nourish with  healthy and tasty food, giving yourself the time to feel well with yourself in and with nature.

That's why the sport activity time - yoga, canyoning, active walking, cycling, swimming and others, alternate with meditations and reflecting on self discovery, always respecting the needs and beliefs of our clients. 


Ancient lands and cultures to be discovered at the border of Europe 

A place mostly unknown to us westerners, where you can discover a millennial culture and an incontaminated nature.

One path is about relaxing and re-discovering your own wellbeing with dance, music and hot springs, enriched with tasty and convivial enogastronomic experiences. 

The other is to live the adventure of discovering the wild nature of the magic Georgian mountains.