Our soulhappenings give us the chance to live as protagonists of experiences, tours and activities that we organize in different ways. Some of them being bespoken, where you start from specific subjects like food and nourishment, fashion, style and elegance, arts and literature, all in places  chosen by you or suggested by us. 

It is also possible to mix your own wishes with what you would like to be a surprise element , e.g. places, subjects, speakers, activity.


Perfection is in the imperfection 

Try on clothes, shoes, accessories while looking at yourself in the mirror, to learn how to love your persona, to feel comfortable everywhere, to discover or recover your personal elegance.

And discover that your personal elegance is the only everlasting style that makes you feel elegant.


Everything about food

Food, the nourishment of the body and of the soul

How do you eat? Have you ever tried chocolate meditation? Have you ever listened to the chef telling stories about their plates while you were tasting them?

How would you feel tasting wine while listening to the tales and legends of a place, learning about the culture and the love that created it?




Relax and fitness, outdoor and indoor activities, loved ones or new: yoga on the beach and flying yoga, dances and walks, water fitness.


Peaceful oases and spa treatments, meditations and waterfalls, care of the persona in all its aspects and in special places. All to facilitate your search for the wellbeing of your wholeness.